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5 Career Resolutions Everyone Should Make

5 Career Resolutions Everyone Should Make5 Career Resolutions Everyone Should MakeWhen youre not happy at work, making a New Years career resolution is easy Get a new job. (Or, get a raise, snag that promotion, make it through a work week without using profanity- plenty to choose from.)But when things are going well, you should totenstill be setting work-related goals for yourself. And what better time to do it than the new year?If you need some inspiration, weve compiled five career resolutions that everyone should make. Choose a couple or resolve to do them all- we guarantee youll set yourself up for success in 2012.1. Have an Annual Career Check-UpYou probably think about your job every day, but when was the belastung time you really thought about it? Kick off 2012 by taking yourself out to lunch or coffee, and writing down how youre feeling about your career. What makes you happy, and what would you like to change? Is your current job really what you want to be doing?Or, at the l east, is it helping you reach your goals? Also do some salary research- is your income in line with your field and position?Consider this process an annual check-up for your career health. If you feel good about everything- great But if there are things that could be improved, think about how you can fix them this year, whether thats taking on new responsibilities, working towards a promotion, or keeping your eye out for that next position.2. Update Your Resume (and Everything Else)Keeping your resume up-to-date is important for several reasons. For one, if a recruiter or a friend-of-a-friend calls out of the blue with a great job opportunity, youre going to want to have it ready to go. Plus, its a lot easier to update your accomplishments periodically, when theyre fresh in your mind, rather than trying to add in a couple of years of experience all at once.And while youre getting your resume in shape, go through the rest of your documents too- refresh your portfolio, edit your Linke dIn bio, and update (or create) a personal list of accomplishments (a running tally that you dont hand out, but thats helpful for talking points for cover letters and interviews). Also shoot your references a note to say hello- but really to make sure you have their updated contact information.3. Add a Bullet to Your Skills SectionEven if youre not adding a new job to your resume this year, you can still add to the other sections Make it your goal in 2012 to add at least one new bullet to Skills or Education. Are there technical skills that would make you more competitive in your field? Tools that could make your job (or your boss job) easier? A management class that would better position you for a promotion?For inspiration, check the LinkedIn profiles of your colleagues a step or two higher than you current position, and think about how you can add their areas of expertise to your own skill set.4. Expand Your NetworkContrary to popular belief, the best time to network isnt when you re looking for a job- its long before then. Why? Having a broad, diverse network already in place will make the job search that much easier- and besides, people tend to be happier to meet you when you dont have that desperate please help me get a job now tone in your voice.And before you say I hate networking and move on to the next resolution, remember that there are plenty of ways to make new connections outside of hitting the industry luncheon circuit. You could ask your boss to pay for a conference that looks interesting, ask a former co-worker and her new co-workers out to a happy hour, or, at the very least, join some LinkedIn groups.At minimum, try to meet one new person every month (youll have a dozen new contacts by this time next year). If youre feeling really ambitions, try Classy Career Girls 4x4 Networking Challenge to meet four new people and strengthen four existing relationships- every month5. Be mora ProductiveThere are plenty of techniques out there to help people be more productive- check out the Pomodoro Technique, time blocking, and anything on WorkAwesome. Different approaches work for everyone, but I guarantee theres some method or trick out that will work for you, and help you save time, streamline a process, or just generally get stuff done a better way. So, make it goal to try at least four new ones this year, and see what works for you. (For bonus points organize your inbox so youre not spending an hour each day deleting Groupons and sale announcements.)Career advancement is a year-round process, but why not let the momentum of January help kick-start your success? Heres to a great yearWhat career resolutions will you be making this year?Check out more from Job Search Month at The Daily MusePhoto courtesy of David Joyce.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

3 Ways to Fix Your Resume

3 Ways to Fix Your Resume3 Ways to Fix Your ResumeYour resume is the first impression you make to an employer, networking contact or your boss when youre asking for a raise. It should represent your skills (hard and soft skills), your experience, education and your brand and is a critical piece to any job search or request for promotion.Most professionals know how important a resume is, but many of them struggle to ensure it tells the right story. Why is it so hard to make sure your resume is in good shape? Keeping your resume up to date and truly effective for your search is difficult becauseIt requires being detail-oriented, which is not everyones strength.You have to be objective about yourself, which is not always easy.You have to sell yourself, and many people hesitate to brag about themselves.See The 25 Best Jobs of 2018.All of this can feel daunting and like too much pressure, especially when you consider very few business leaders have a solid and defined personal brand, and e mployers spend 10 to 15 seconds scanning a resume before they decide to consider or toss a candidate. Here are three ways to fix your resume to ensure that it properly represents you and stays out of the toss pile.First of all, develop your personal brand. If you arent sure what your personal brand is, start by asking friends and family members what makes you unique. What are your strengths? Many times we discount what comes naturally to us, and that impacts our confidence and ability to sell ourselves. You could also ask co-workers or teammates what they appreciate about you. See Tips for Surviving a Career Transition.Once you have a better understanding of who you are and what you have to offer the professional world, you can start to form your branding ansicht. Your branding statement is composed of four parts who, what, how and why. Who do you serve or who is your target market? What unique value do you provide? How do you deliver? Why should they believe you? When you have formed your branding statement, you will want to include it on your resume. For example, it could be part of your professional summary. Your summary lets potential employers know right away who you are and your expertise. The next thing to watch out for is formatting mistakes. Formatting mistakes can includeUsing too many font styles and sizes. Pick one font and size for the heading and one font and size for the body of your resume. This keeps your document easy on the eyes. Inconsistency when using tabs, punctuation, spacing and bullets. Follow the same rules throughout your resume.Margins that are too small. Page margins should be a minimum of 0.6 inches. Not using enough white space on the page. White space is your friend. It can be used to emphasize or play down information. Without white space your resume becomes difficult for potential employers to scan. Underlining information. We recommend that you skip underlining, since this can distort information when scanned into an ap plicant tracking system. You can use formatting properly to play to your brand. You can do this by making sure your name stands out. Dont be afraid for your name to be larger than the rest of the content. Once you have decided on a header that properly represents you, make sure to use the same header on your cover letter. Remember, these documents are your personal absatzwirtschaft materialsSee 8 Ways Millennials Can Build Leadership Skills.Finally, when working on your resume, keep in mind that it is not a one-size-fits-all document. You will want to tailor your resume to each job you are applying for to ensure you highlight that you have the relevant skills and expertise needed for the position. If these items are not clear to a potential employer, no matter how great your resume looks, it will be put aside. To make sure your resume is tailored to the position you are applying for, analyze the job description to find the skills, expertise and any key words and phrases used to desc ribe their ideal candidate. That is the information you will use to make sure your resume is concise, targeted and relevant to that specific role. We recommend creating a master copy of your resume and then saving other versions of your resume for different positions.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Notice of Disciplinary Action

Notice of Disciplinary Action Notice of Disciplinary Action Notice of Disciplinary ActionDec. 9, 2016At a hearing held in September, a Hearing Board consisting of three ASME past presidents found a member in violation of the Societys Code of Ethics of Engineers. It was determined that the member violated the mandate that members avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest.The Hearing Board found that the member had violated ASME Society Policy P-15.8, Appendix B (ASME Conflicts Policy for Financial Matters with specific reference to the definition of Covered Arrangement contained in Section 2(d)(ii)) and Fundamental Canon 4 (Engineers shall act in professional matters for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees, and shall avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest).The Hearing Boards recommendation was considered by the Board of Governors in November, and the Board sustained the findings of the Hearing Board and issued a letter of censure to the member.

Friday, December 13, 2019

Machinist Job Description Sample

Machinist Job Description SampleCNC Operator/Machinist Job Description SampleCNC Operator/Machinist Job Description SampleThisCNC operator/machinistsample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. Feel free to revise this job description to meet your specific job duties and job requirements.CNC Operator Machinist Job ResponsibilitiesProduces machined parts by programming, setting up, and operating a computer numerical control (CNC) machine maintaining quality and safety standards keeping records maintaining equipment and supplies.CNC Operator Machinist Job DutiesPlans machining by studying work orders, blueprints, engineering plans, materials, specifications, orthographic drawings, reference planes, locations of surfaces, and machining parameters interpreting geometric dimensions and tolerances (GDT).Plans stock inventory by checking stock to determine amount available anticipating needed stock placin g and expediting orders for stock verifying receipt of stock.Programs mills and lathes by entering instructions, including zero and reference points setting tool registers, offsets, compensation, and conditional switches calculating requirements, including basic math, geometry, and trigonometry proving part programs.Sets-up mills and lathes by installing and adjusting three- and four-jaw chucks, tools, attachments, collets, bushings, cams, gears, stops, and stock pushers indicating vices tramming heads.Loads feed mechanism by lifting stock into position.Verifies settings by measuring positions, first-run part, and sample workpieces adhering to international standards.Maintains specifications by observing drilling, grooving, and cutting, including turning, facing, knurling and thread chasing operations taking measurements detecting malfunctions troubleshooting processes adjusting and reprogramming controls sharpening and replacing worn tools adhering to quality assurance procedures a nd processes.Maintains safe operations by adhering to safety procedures and regulations.Maintains equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements following manufacturers instructions troubleshooting malfunctions calling for repairs.Maintains continuity among work shifts by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs.Documents actions by completing production and quality logs.Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities reading technical publications.Accomplishes organization goals by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.CNC Operator Machinist Skills and QualificationsConceptual Skills, Process Improvement, Verbal Communication, Functional and Technical Skills, Controls and Instrumentation, Supply Management, Tooling, Coordination, Inventory Control, Attention to Detail, JudgmentGet the Information You Need to Find a CNC Operator/M achinistHaving the right CNC operator/machinist is essential to your companys success. So why not get expert advice to help you find that person? Sign up for exclusive https// adviceand well send you the latest information to help you recruit hard-to-find talent in todays tight labor market. Well even throw in a special job posting offer to get you moving in the right direction. Lets start hiring

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Untold Stories About Make a Free Resume You Must Read

Untold Stories About Make a Free Resume You Must Read The way to create a professional resume. Youve lived for over 13 decades now. You have arrived at the correct spot. The 5-Minute Rule for Make a Free Resume You will be pleased to know that there are going to be examples of resumes that you may look at to receive a concept of the greatest template to use. If you believe you dont will need to create a resume template then you might want to read further to figure out why precisely you want to learn to compose a resume. Each resume template ought to be related to the vacant position and ought not to sound generic. Employing a resume template has turned into an acceptable and smart practice for several factors.You may also mention the certifications, which youve completed. There are several online resume maker tools which will sure help you to have a resume in pdf format only as long as you pay them. One of the simplest choices to create your online resume is to simply copy and paste text from the Word resume and distributionspolitik it in the free resume or portfolio builder. With the application of a small amount of time and energy, its feasible for the typical job seeker to earn a free resume even superior than a professionals. On the flip side, in case you have been an accountant for forty decades, leave some of it off if it was not all at one spot. Since a resume is vital to our employment success, waiting a couple of hours for expert advice was not a huge deal to the majority of people. Even though it can eat up plenty of your time and effort, preparation is still an essential portion in a work pursuit. You will receive the opportunity to create winning resumes online each time you make usage of our builder. Getting the fruchtwein of a resource that wont only help save you time, but is shown to elevate your odds of scoring a work simply is logical. Regrettably, as opposed to providing you with a mission, its telling you to leave the found ation instead of return. Youll discover our payout procedure to be fast, friendly and secure, and our staff always keen to go the additional mile to satisfy your requirements. Ruthless Make a Free Resume Strategies Exploited The more irrelevant information which you put on your resume, the simpler itll be for an employer to arrive at the conclusion that youre not an acceptable candidate for the job. A template will inform you all of the relevant data that you need to be mentioning in your CV, with particular reference to the sort of position you are trying to find. You should send a resume to an employer before opting for an interview. If your resume starts with an Objective indicating what you are searching for rather than that which you have to offer to an employer, youve already lost points right there. Show employers that youre current and make a fantastic first impression by selecting the proper template. With templates youll always have a notion of what things to writ e on the resume. A free resume template is a kind of basic sample for a resume that an individual might want to develop. Create resume here is only a fun. For others, you might require a wholly new resume. If youre known by influential men and women in a business, it may have an excellent positive effect on the employer. A range of relevant interests also illustrate how active and dynamic youre. Top Make a Free Resume Secrets A lot of people believe they do not require an expert writer, but they absolutely do. If you are extremely much confident, it is an excellent concept to an outsiders help. There is an entire site that you have for use. For the organization, making the best resume will be utilised as the exact first tool when they picked the alternative for additional review. The Bad Side of Make a Free Resume Preparation mostly will consume the majority of your time if youre in work search. The directions are easy and straight forward. Just sign up there, complet e the details and your Resume is prepared to download.

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Halogen Survey Finds 1 in 3 Careers Do Not Reach Expectations

CIPD/Halogen Survey Finds 1 in 3 Careers Do Not Reach Expectations One in three employees (33%) report that their career progression to date has failed to meet their expectations, according to the latest CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook survey. The survey also found that more than a quarter (28 percent) of employees are either dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with the level of career training and development offered by their current employer. However, the survey reveals that levels of job satisfaction have increased over the last 12 months, rising by four percentage points to +44 percent. But the survey suggests that there is a link between satisfaction with the level of career training and development and job-seeking intentions. Only 12 percent of those satisfied with the level of career training and development are looking for a new job with another organization, compared to almost a quarter (23%) of employees overall.The survey reveals several key findings, includingmora than a third (37 percent) of employees think it is unlikely or very unlikely that they will be able to fulfill their career aspirations in their current organization.Only 6 percent of employees who believe they are likely or very likely to meet their career aspirations in their current organization are looking for a new job, compared with almost half of those (48 percent) who think it is unlikely or very.Just under half (48 percent) of employees report that their career progression to date has met or exceeded their expectations.The most commonly cited contributing factors by employees who have failed to meet their career expectations are poor quality careers advice and guidance in school (30 percent) and being unable to show strengths and potential due to being in the wrong job or career (31 percent).